WARNING:  Ignoring These Elements in Your Real Estate Development or Investment Firm’s Advertising Copy Can Trash Your Profits!

You are doomed.  Let’s face it, if you continue market your business as if the copy on your website, brochures, and sales letters doesn’t mean squat, then you’ll continue to have low response until your client base has dried up.

The problem with most businesses that have to sell their investment vehicles and services, is they don’t fully comprehend the sheer magnitude and power behind a well written sales piece.

Think about a really well written sales letter, for example.  The sales letter gets delivered into the hands of your prospect directly, and instead of hearing your message on the radio, your prospect is actually holding it and reading it.  Even if you only have that prospects attention for 4 seconds, that’s probably a lot more time of undivided attention that a potential client will ever give an online ad, TV commercial or some other form of advertising.

One or Two Little Things Can Make All the Difference in the World

dollar on sales letter

Years ago, I sent out two groups of sales letters.  One batch had just my marketing message on it, with a picture of the item I was selling on it.

The other sales message was exactly the same except for two things.  The second sales message had a dollar bill attached to it, and the headline read: “Can You Guess Why I’m Sending You This $1 Bill?”

The second ad drew a much higher rate of response than the first one of course.

As the years went by and I studied more and more about the art of copywriting, I learned that not only do big changes in copy make a difference, but also little things as well.

I got this one from the famous marketer, Dan Kennedy: A company ran two ads trying to sell a musical item using very similar wording.

The first one said, “Put Music into your life!”

The second one said, “Puts Music into your life!”

The response on the second ad was much greater than the first.  The reason?  The first ad indicated that YOU were putting music into your life, while the second one indicated that the music was being put into your life by SOMEONE OR SOMETHING ELSE.

One indicated effort on the part of the prospect while the other did not. So, having said all that, it’s a fairly easy assumption that it’s the little things in your copy can have drastic effects on your response rates and bottom line.

Ignore These at Your Own Risk !!!!

Narcissistic Copy —The biggest error I see on most real estate investment and development firm’s website copy, is what I like to call “Narcissistic Copy”.  This is landing page copy, either written or paid for, (wasted money in my opinion) that focuses on the host business and ignores the wants and needs of the consumer. It usually tells the prospective client how great the company is, how many awards the company has won, and the pedigree of the sales team.  In other words: a lot of bragging. When a client lands on your site, they don’t care about the volume of your business or how great you are.  What they want to know is, “What’s on it for me?”  So, your copy should almost always address what benefits you can provide for them, and the more benefits that you can list for them the more your message will resonate with your prospects.

Uniqueness —In a raft of penguins, a bright pink one will definitely stand out.  You need to explore and crow about your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). What is it about your firm that makes yours stand out from the pack?  Is there some aspect of your company that is unique or does it specialize in some aspect of your market that you can focus on?

Proof of Greatness —Probably one of the most overlooked parts of advertising copy when it comes to real estate firms, is the use of Testimonials.  Nothing speaks louder than a testimonial from a happy client, especially when they are willing to put their names on it. If you have clients that have been doing business with you for years, they will more than likely be happy to give your firm their endorsement.

Use Recognized Symbols —The use of well-known symbols from organizations that you are affiliated with can be a major boost.  If you’ve been featured on a TV show or given them an interview, it really helps to have their logo on your landing page or brochures with the words, “As seen on NBC’s Today Show!” Other seals and emblems on your site, such as the Better Business Bureau’s icon, can lend credibility as well.

common logos

Logos, seals, and certification icons can add credibility to your business’s copy.

Guarantees — If your company has any types of guarantees or other assurances that can be leveraged in your copy, it will make your offer so much sweeter.   If your firm doesn’t offer any types of guarantees, you may want to have a brain storming session to try to figure out a way to create one.

If you are missing any of these important, persuasive elements in your copy, you may want to consult or hire a solid copywriter to craft them for you.  Sure, on the front end you’ll have to spend some good money, but the copy you use can convert for years to come.

If you’re looking for a solid copywriter that will take you by the hand and give your company’s copy the care and attention that it deserves, then contact me at the info below.

To Your Success!

Mark “Elmo” Ellis

email: elmo033057@gmail.com

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“Real Estate Development and Investment Firms – Can You Afford to Ignore this Lead Generation Report?”

If real estate development and investment companies treat their sales pieces, brochures, business cards, and advertisements the same way they treat their landing pages, then I would bet that they are wasting their money.  I have a cure for it and you can access it here: “Turn My Real Estate Investment or Development Company’s Landing Page into a Prospect Magnet Now!”

Just to give you an example of the dynamic, and persuasive copy I have found on some of the major player’s sites, I have taken this opportunity to present some of it to you.  You may want to buckle your seatbelts so that you won’t get sucked it to the vortex of this dynamic copy, and then find that your bank account is empty at the end of it.

I’m talking convincing stuff here!

Here is the epic copy:

“Our company has been in business for over 20 years and has won several XYZ awards for excellence.  We also have 30 highly educated partners that are committed to excellence.  Since the inception of our firm, we have managed well in excess of 50 billion dollars in properties around the world.  Our company also closes 5 transactions every second, making it the preferred hub of real estate investors in more than 30 countries.  Our leadership is world renowned for its underwriting, negotiating, analysis, and positioning.”

adcopy_failureOf course, the problem with this copy is that they have forgotten the overriding, galactic, and fundamental question that every prospect wants answered which is, “What’s in it for me?”  Not only that, but they are assuming that everyone that goes to their website is a college educated and finance savvy prospect which is probably NOT the case.

Whenever you talk to a firm about these problems, the first words out of their mouths is, “Oh, we can’t fix that!  We really don’t want to redesign our site at this time.”

I recently wrote a free report on this subject that showed exactly how to fix this problem without having to go to the trouble of getting your web designer to change things.  You can access it by going to my site and grabbing it.  But I can assure you here that you do not have to redesign your website, all you need to do is to have different words on the page.

I do explain how to redesign the site in case you want to go all out with a high converting make over, but it’s not necessary.  Here’s a few things that I covered:

  • What you should know about the trends in real estate marketing online – If you’ve had any doubts, this should “blow your mind”! – Page 1
  • The factors you need on your landing page so that you’ll get much higher conversions – Pages 2,7, & 10
  • How to grab your prospects with a Great Value Proposition – Page 3
  • How to use language that every prospect will understand and respond to – Pages 3 & 4
  • Why you should ALWAYS use testimonials and how to structure them so that your audience will see you as an authority in your market – Pages 4, 5 & 6
  • What key element you should use in your call to action to push prospects over the edge and convert into a high paying clients – Page 8
  • How to completely make-over your site so that it becomes an Ultimate Conversion Machine Pages 7-11

social media course

You Don’t Have to Read a Lot of Crap!

This report is concise and gets right to the point.  I didn’t want to waste your time with a 500+ page eBook that was loaded with all kinds of fluff and information that wasted your time.  This report really does cut through the crap and gets right to the heart of the matter, which is how to turn a zombie-like landing page into a high converting, client magnet.

I’m sure you’re thinking that you could get this kind of information anywhere, and you’d be right.  You can bounce around the Internet for hours trying to gather the same information or try to wade through a 700 page book that’ll eventually sit unread on your hard drive.


You can get just the info you really need to know and start converting prospects into clients immediately…

The choice is yours.

Once again, head on over to my site and get your free copy now here:

Yes, I Want the Report  that’ll Convert Tire-Kickers into Clients!!!


To Your Success!

Mark “Elmo” Ellis


“Real Estate Investment and Development Firms – Suck in Prospects Like a Vortex With This Great Marketing Vehicle!”

Usually, you hear all kinds of okeydokey about how great blogs and social media can be for getting customers, clients, and prospects into your online door.  And while a lot of that hype is partly true, I can assure you that there are other methods of traffic generation that works just as well.

Before I get too deep into those waters, I just want to make sure that you realize there are a lot ways (either paid or free) that you can use to get people to your landing page; however, none of that will matter much if you don’t have converting copy on your page to get prospects to take the action that you want them to take.  So please, a little respect for the copywriting industry, ok?

In the realm of real estate investment and development firms, many of the CEO’s, firm partners and players in those fields are a pretty sophisticated bunch.  Just to be clear, I’m not talking about your average 8th grade internet reader here, I’m talking about highly educated engineers, investors and CEO’s that are running these companies. These people are a different mindset that regular Internet marketers.

(Please read my last article about my epic fail of a marketing strategy, here.)

The Hard Lesson I Learned From Sending Army Bands $1.00

To give you an illustration of what I’m talking about, I’ll draw on my own personal experience to show you what I mean.

Years ago, my wife and I manufactured and sold an item to military bands around the world.  This was an easy sell, because the bands all needed the item we sold badly, so bandsmanwe didn’t really have to sell the item so hard.  However, being the entrepreneur and marketing wannabe that I am, I decided to see if I could get a higher conversion rate out of the sales letters I was sending out.

I was fortunate enough to have gotten a list of the army bands from the department of defense that even had the names of the supply sergeants for each band as well.  I borrowed an idea from the famous copywriter, John Carlton, and stapled a dollar bill to the top of each sales letter I sent to the supply sergeants to really get their attention.

To cut a long epic short, I got a lot of calls from army bands, alright.  They called me off the hook to explain to me that I couldn’t send them money like that because it was considered a bribe, plain and simple.

So, the big lesson here is: Right idea…Wrong format!

It’s the same thing with the sales letters and different formats you’d use with sophisticated clients in the real estate industry; certain marketing formats will work much better with these types of clients.

If you’re dealing with high end real estate investment and development executives, then a well-researched and data driven white paper is the way to go.  As it turns out, these professionals love data and information, so white papers, if they are done right can be a great marketing tool.

social media course

Within Striking Distance with this Strategy

Here’s the main difference between white papers and blogs, sales pages, and other types of marketing vehicles:

  • White papers are written in a much more formal tone than other types of information products and they are very similar in nature to case studies and research papers
  • Good white papers use graphics sparingly and the use of well researched charts and graphs is a must. If you use a bar graph, then make sure you list a credible resource for the material that you are presenting
  • White papers can be given away liberally and it doesn’t take very long before you can actually get your study into the hands of the right people
  • When marketing with a white paper, make sure you keep the marketing aspect of it light so that it does not appear that you are marketing with it. If you do put any type of marketing message with your white paper, make sure that it is brief and at the very end of your report in your bio section

free reportWhite papers can be great marketing vehicles, and can be used to get your marketing message out without posting loads of ads on your website of blog.   If you’re interested in writing your own white paper, here are some links to sites that can get you started:

8 Rules for Writing White Papers 

4 Keys for Writing Compelling White Papers 

How to Write a White Paper 

9 Steps to Writing White Papers

To Your Success!

Mark “Elmo” Ellis





Warning: If you are a Real Estate Investment or Development Company – You’ll Lose Loads of Prospects If You Don’t Do This!

If you have skipped this important step in creating your sales material, be it your brochures, website landing page, or direct mail pieces, then the chances of converting your prospects into cash buyers or clients has been greatly compromised.

Knowing your target market and how to relate to them in your sales material is extremely important. The more you know about your prospects and what keeps them awake at night, will help you nail your copy and offer so that you will have an opportunity to gain them as clients.

You certainly wouldn’t talk to a prospective client in the real estate development business as you would talk to a software engineer; there’s a completely different voice, terminology, and desires that will have to be addressed.

A Hard-Core Marketing Lesson That I Learned from a Pack of Guru Wannabes

Snarky CopywriterI sometimes frequent an online forum where Internet marketers and wannabes hang out and sell their wares.  I decided to hang out in the section where many of these entrepreneurs were selling their various products and analyze the copy they were using to sell their products with.

I would then send a pitch to these entrepreneurs and tell them where they were going wrong with their copy and how they could sell their stuff better.  It didn’t take very long before I got annihilated by several of these sellers.

As it turns out, many of the sellers that I contacted were doing quite well with their products and their copy, and they told me in no uncertain terms how stupid I was.  (Man, do these young Internet marketers get snarky!)  As it turns out, I had failed to study the people I was trying to prospect to and how their products are sold.  The same copy that I was using for motivational speakers is not the same copy I could use on this bunch, which resulted in an epic fail on my part.

Writing to Everyone is a Waste

One of the lessons I just had to learn was writing copy the same way for everyone is just not going to work, just like marketing to everyone is marketing to no one.confused marketer

Usually, when I’m writing for a client, I have rather extensive research form that I make the
clients fill out before I write a single word.  Actually, I have several of these sheets for them to fill out, and I usually ask them to send me every scrap of advertising copy they can to include past and current brochures, radio or TV scripts, and any other types of copy they may have.  If they have any demographic studies on their target market, I’ll ask for that too.

On these forms, this is what I’m basically looking for:

  • Who are your clients and customers? If you’re a real estate investment firm, the clients that you are probably dealing with are successful 30 to 50 year olds that are interested in passive investments and are college educated. You need to gather as much information about your primary marketing target as you can.  This is an extremely important step that you cannot skip!
  • Are these prospects able to buy what you have to offer? Marketing to prospects that have no money or cannot see the value of your services is of no use to you. So determining who and where your best prospects are is another important consideration.
  • If you already have clients, what do they look like? The famous marketer, Dan Kennedy, once had to write copy for a business that sold dump truck tarps to construction companies.  Kennedy actually went to the buyer’s offices and hung out with them so he could get a good idea of the language, work environment, and day to day dealings these buyers of tarps had.  He even wanted to know how they ate their lunch, and he interviewed quite a few of them.  This type of research is vital to getting your marketing message across.
  • What do your current clients and happy patrons like about your product and services? You can easily send out surveys to past clients to find out what they liked about your business.  If you offer them a reason, like a free gift to fill out your survey, chances are they will be more than happy to give you this data.

Just like a good copywriter, if you do your research on the front end, you will fare much better in your marketing message and will be able to craft compelling copy at the onset.  Knowing everything you possibly can about your prospects will save you thousands of dollars as well as prequalification in your target market.

social media course

Jump On This FREE Offer Now!

If you would like to know how you can easily transform your online landing page into an automatic lead generating machine, please contact me at the email address below, or give me a call.  I’ll be happy to send you my FREE copy of “How to Immediately Increase Your Website Conversion Rate by 64% or more!” This is a concise report full of ideas to help you easily and quickly turn prospects into paying clients.

To Your Success!

Mark “Elmo” Ellis


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“How a Real Estate Investment Firm or Development Company Can Learn How to Easily Land Clients – Just by Reading About My Abysmal Failure!”

Other than real estate agencies, most of the other real estate businesses online (investment firms, law offices, construction, and developers) couldn’t convert a prospect into a client if they were forced into it.

In the world of these types of real estate businesses, their idea of presenting compelling copy is to brag about how long they’ve been in business, and what trade awards they’ve won.

These companies actually believe that potential customers and clients really care about the pictures of office buildings that are boldly displayed on their landing pages or how many millions of dollars of property is represented.  They also believe that everyone that happens to come across their landing pages will understand all of the terminology they are throwing at prospects as well.

What You Don’t Know CAN Kill Your Conversions

Years ago, I decided to try my hand at writing my first information product.  Not fully understanding how the forces in the marketplace worked, I set about writing my first eBook without any knowledge of the niche I wasEbook Real Estate development trying to sell my product to.  I had no idea if there was really a market for the book in the first place and when I tried to sell my magnum opus, nobody wanted to buy it.

The copy I wrote for it sucked, and lacked any of the key elements that were necessary to sell my info product.  I completely ignored the reason why someone would want a product like this, so I pretty much shot myself in the foot at the get-go.

However, I soon realized that I needed to back-engineer my product and find out where I went wrong so that I wouldn’t make the same mistake twice.

Two Little Things That Made a Big Difference

First of all, I decided to create an info-product that I knew for a fact had a “tight” market – one that was small and focused.  The reason for this was three-fold:

  1. I needed to create a product that had a passionate and loyal following.
  2. This audience would desperately want what I had to offer. (I would have to educate my audience and create a need using my advertising copy.)
  3. Because I knew so much about this smaller group of people, I didn’t have to spend loads of money trying to market to everyone and I knew exactly where they were.

The Strange Lesson I Learned From a Bagpiper

Real estate investment bagpiperMany times there is a need out there that you just have no idea exists, and that’s what happened to me.  At the time, I was a band director at a military academy and we had our own bagpiping team.  One Friday after school, I noticed a piper all dressed in his best uniform loading his pipes into his parent’s car.

When I asked him what he was up to, he told me he was going to play at a wedding.  Turns out, he was making a boatload of money on the weekends playing for weddings, funerals, anniversaries, and other special events.  Being a professional musician myself, I was blown away how much money a bagpiper could make on a weekend.

That following Monday, I asked the cadet a whole ton of questions about how he got started and how he got all of the paid gigs, and he was only too happy to tell me.  To cut a long story short, I wrote a very detailed and researched eBook called “How to Make Money with Your Bagpipes!”

I charged $25 a copy and made thousands of dollars from it, and because it was sold digitally, the money I made from it was pure profit.

social media course

Here’s why my second eBook sold while my first one didn’t:

  • I had targeted a group of people that were interested in what I had to offer
  • Because I had a smaller, more specific group of people to target, I knew which places online to target them
  • I knew my prospects very well, and what types of terms and language they were accustomed to using
  • By this time, I knew how to write advertising copy better, so I was able to present highly researched benefits that I knew they’d salivate over
  • I also fully understood that I should capture their contact information from them at all costs so that I could follow up with other email offers that would push them over the ledge and get them to finally buy.

Whether you‘re a real estate developer, or a real estate investment firm, you’ll need to consider these marketing principles that I learned from my first failure and my first success.  If you have a website landing page, and it’s not converting, I’d be happy to send you my FREE report that will show you how to turn your landing page into a high – converting lead generator. This report shows in great detail how you can easily get prospects to raise their hands and ask you for more information.

All you have to do to get your FREE report is to email me or call me at the contact information below:

Email: elmo033057@gmail.com

Phone: (859) 797-9560


4 or 5 Great Reasons Why Your Real Estate Company Needs to Hire a Copywriter

This article is written specifically for all of the real estate investment and development firms that try to write their own advertising copy to sell their products and services.  Unless you have been studying and practicing the art of writing compelling copy, I would offer these words to you: good luck.

The ability to write great copy that will sell what you have to offer is an art much akin to any skill on the market; it needs to be learned, practiced, and evaluated sometimes for years on end.  There is really no substitute for a good, seasoned writer skilled in the art of writing compelling copy to convert prospects into revenue for your company.

How I Found an Obi-Wan of Copywriting to Train Me

I remember the first time I tried to write advertising copy.  I had purchased a course or two from some A-list copywriters that were getting some very big contracts (sometimes $25,000 a sales letter) and had very heavy reputations worldwide.  Despite studying these courses thoroughly while taking very detailed notes, and practicing every day, learning this craft was very difficult.

copywriting mentor

My Mentor

My learning curve really didn’t kick in until I was mentored by a seasoned copywriter that was kind enough to take me under his wing.  Fortunately, this very kind gentleman really put me through the paces and taught me as much as he could.  I stayed up late many nights as well as got up very early to practice.  5:30 in the morning became my favorite writing time.

I wouldn’t say it was grueling because I actually enjoy writing, but it was tough to learn all of the principles and different elements that make up good ad copy.

Not only was learning this art a challenge, but once I started landing my first few clients, I had to put everything I learned into my work.  What most businesses don’t realize about good copywriters is that much of the work starts before a single word of copy is written.  A decent copywriter has to intimately know the market and understand the prospects he is writing for.

What You Don’t Know Can Cost You a Fortune

Just like any type of salesman, the copywriter has to know all about the product and services he is writing about.  He needs to understand all of the benefits and features so that he can structure the copy around the elements that are most important to the prospect. (It’s no mistake that the top benefits are usually in the most important part of the copy – the headline.)

So, having said all of this, the obvious answer to the question of why a real estate investment or development company would even money wastedneed a copywriter is that it is a learned skill.  You can have all kinds of traffic flowing to your website, and send out thousands of direct mail pieces, but if the copy doesn’t convert all of that time and money spent will be wasted.

Here are a few other reasons why you will need to hire a copywriter:

  1. It will save you time…Crap loads of it.  Just to write a compelling headline that will get eyeballs onto your webpage or sales letter, can take hours and hours of work.  It is not uncommon for a good wordsmith to spend up to 2 to 3 weeks writing copy for a client.
  2. You will need to know how to structure different elements like bullet statements, post scripts, and calls to action so that their sales message will compel the reader to take action.
  3. A great copywriter will also understand how to use terms and voice that your prospects will relate to. Once again, this is from research that has to be done on the front end of the project before a single word can be written but it is super important for copy that converts.
  4. The format of the copy needs to be considered as well. You can’t just slap together a business reply card and expect it to work. A lot of time needs to be spent on how different parts of your copy should be written and formatted, so that the copy is easy to read and directions can be easily understood.
  5. A copywriter will also be able to assist you in testing your copy, and also be able to help you edit it for better conversion. Writing advertising copy is not an exact science; many times, different parts of the copy have to be tested to see if the conversion rate can be driven higher.

social media course

As you can see, writing copy for your brochures, website landing pages or direct mail pieces requires a skilled copywriter that can get potential clients to take action and respond to what you have to offer.   Hiring a good writer will not only save you time but the copy they write will send you prospects for years to come.

Mark “Elmo” Ellis is a copywriter that specializes in writing copy for real estate investment companies  and real estate development companies.  In order to get your free copy of How You Can Increase Your Website’s Response Rate By 72% Or More, contact him at the email address below and he will promptly send it on to you.

Email: elmo033057@gmail.com



How Real Estate Investment Firms Can Use Content to Totally Dominate Their Market Space

If you want your real estate firm to totally dominate its market space, creating incredible content is still one of the ways to do it.  A recent study by the CAM Foundation showed that the marketing trend that was going to trump all other online methods of attracting online traffic was content marketing.

Real estate investment firm content rules

Research by CAM











The good news is that based on studies and surveys, businesses still know where to place their online efforts.  It’s also notable that email marketing is still one of the top methods that can be somewhat automated and utilized as well.

The downside to this is that the lazy man’s path to online success is going to get tougher.  Happily, we’ve long passed the days of keyword stuffing and posting irrelevant and random information, and moved to a point where outstanding content and information is the order of the day.

Having said that, the new objective for website owners and entrepreneurs that want to generate interest in their businesses is to have amazing content in every piece of marketing copy they produce.

Recently, I reviewed several websites of top real estate investment firms and developers.  In almost every case, the landing page copy was boring and irrelevant to the needs and desires of the people landing there.  Actually, I’d be surprised if I found out that the sites were converting at all.

It’s not that these companies were unsuccessful businesses, but they were probably not bringing in prospects and new clients by their web sites. Obviously, the grunt work was being done by salesmen or women that did a lot of cold calling from leads.  There’s nothing wrong with that if you like forking out high commissions to these people or having professional counselors spend most of their time doing hard –core sales work instead of managing portfolios and giving their clients quality services.

The reason why using a lead generating website would be so much better is for several reasons:

  1. Using a landing page, if done right, will enable you to separate the tire kickers from the people who are really interested in what you have to offer. So, a landing page can be used to prequalify your prospects so that you will know who is truly interested. By going to your landing page and filling out your opt in form, they are basically raising their hand and saying, “Yes, please tell me more about what you have to offer because I am interested.”
  2. In the world of lead generation, having people go to your landing page and fill out a form so that you know they want you to contact them is extremely easy. When you consider all of the other ways of generating leads like cold calling, running advertisements, speaking engagements, social media coddling and so forth, a good solid landing page that converts well is a gold mine that is cheap, and will save you a bunch of time.
  3. Having a good landing page will enable you to place your offers in front of prospects. Instead of having to send out a direct mail piece with a response card, you can place your offer online and it will be seen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It will work for you while you are sleeping, eating, working or whatever you happen to be doing, and if you have a compelling message with an irresistible offer and it, and the copy is solid you’ll get leads without lifting a finger. (Of course you will need to have copy written for your site professionally, so that your traffic will convert. However, if you spend the money and get it done right, you will quickly see the financial benefits.)
  4. Once you have used your landing page to collect data about your clients, you can then use that data to find out more about what your clients are interested in. Usually, opt -in forms on landing pages ask for at least an e-mail address. Once you have that address you can use it to send other messages to engage your audiences which will help you find out what they are interested in. It is not uncommon for email marketers to ask subscribers to fill out a simple survey once in a while. This will help you collect more data on what these people are interested in, and how you can add more services and ideas to your business. Think about it: it is information about your prospects that you would normally have to pay a lot of money to find out about.

So, why should you have great content on your website?

Good, solid content will get crawled and indexed better by search engines as well as being passed around and shared.   This will give content more reach while allowing your posts and articles to be visible to the types of people that would be interested in your business. Not only that, but if your content is sterling, then you will get noticed by other people in your industry that are professional, and they will share your content with other professional’s in your industry, thus giving you authority status.

Here is a video that will show you how to create content in a reasonable amount of time:

Once again, people that read your articles will be interested in your line of business and come to your site and they will already be primed for what your niche is.  If your articles are about the real estate development industry, then chances are they will already be a rather selective audience.  They certainly won’t be looking for articles on how to make fishing lures or bake cookies.

Here are a couple ways to make content on your site work for you.

  1. Create totally original content.  You can’t use any black-hat tricks or content generators to create content for your site.  The way this type of software works is you type in some words into fields the software provides, and then the software magically creates articles for you.   You barely have to do any work.  However, most of the content created makes little sense and almost comes out looking like gibberish.   If you are in a business where you’re trying to build your reputation, then this type of content could do a lot of harm.  The last thing a business that deals in professional real estate services needs to do is to present articles that look like an illiterate person wrote them.  Another avenue to getting content on your site would be to hire a writer to create     content for you.  Once again, trying to go the fast and cheap route here can get you into trouble.   People that freelance cheaply, like those that sell their services on Fiverr, will not produce great content for you.  You will need to hire someone that understands how to create content that will engage readers in your niche market.  So, you are either going to have to hire folks that know how to create great content for you or do it yourself and that is going to cost you marketing dollars.  There’s nothing wrong with that if the content you’re writing is bringing home the bacon.

social media course

  1. Make well written and useful content.  Sure, content is going to be king for a while, but that doesn’t mean your content should be thrown together in a slap-dash manner.  You need to research your topics and give your audience the best information you can muster.  One of my pet peeves is entrepreneurs that throw together info-products that are obviously substandard.  I believe that the days of creating ho-hum info products are coming to a close as well.  If you’re going to create an information product, then it had better be good, because at this point, people’s hard drives are jammed with crappy e-Books.  Businesses that create well written material that engages their readers are the ones that will get noticed, and that will include information products, white papers, blog posts and anything else that is information based.  If you are going to use content as a lead generator, then you need to make it well written and useful.


  1. Try to post regularly and often. You shouldn’t try to create 3000 word posts if you are trying to run a business.  Even Stephen King  can only turn out about 1500 really good words a day.  You might be better off writing posts that are 1000 or less unless your business is blogging. (If you want to write blog posts for a living, then you’ll need to spend a ton of time writing and researching.) However, it is sometimes more difficult to write shorter posts that longer ones, so write your posts the length you need them to be to get your message across.  Frequency of posts is something that search engines notice, as well as how SEO for your articles has been handled.  Keywords, links and other factors will figure into how you will rank for your posts on the search engine results pages.


Content is going to be a key factor in generating traffic in the foreseeable future.  I would suggest  you read some articles on how to create incredible content before beginning to write for your business.

Here are a few relevant links to get you started:

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A Data Driven Answer to How Long a Blog Post Should Be – Neil Patel.

Boost Blog Traffic Site – Jon Morrow.  If you are new to blog posting,, then read all of the Beginner articles on here.

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