6 Bazinga! Headline Writing Habits That’ll Make You Filthy Rich

bazinga title

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If you don’t think a few simple words in a title or a headline can influence people, just ask Samuel L. Jackson.

Believe it or not, the famous star once signed a movie contract without reading the script at all.  He just read the title and signed on.

Jackson thought the title was so funny and outrageous at the same time, he just had to star in it.

The title of the movie?

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How to Cheat with My Free Fiverr Template and Win!

Earn money with Fiverr

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Have you got a talent that’s just sitting on the couch gathering dust?

Are you a freelancer that’s dying to get started as quick as possible and get a few victories under your belt?

Look no farther than Fiverr.

Fiverr gives you the opportunity to create and sell digital products and services online.  You can start advertising your product or service at $5.00.  Sellers can increase their prices in increments of $5, which is how the company gets its name.

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What I Learned From Watching 50 Email List Building Videos

50 email videos

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Note: Make sure you stick with this post to the end, because I’m going hand you an email grabbing strategy that solid marketers are using to drive their capture rates way up.   So please, read this entire post to the end!

I decided to conduct a test with myself and see if there were any new ideas under the sun when it came to building an email list.

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How a Crazy Copywriter Made Me Eat My Shorts!

Ben settle

Just a typical example of Ben Settle’s homespun wisdom

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I know that’s a pretty wild title, but you should see the stuff Ben Settle sends me.

I have to admit, even though his emails are edgy, quirky and sometimes annoying, I do enjoy reading his messages more than anyone else’s.

For one thing, not only does he dish out all sorts of great copywriting wisdom, but he’s kinda funny…or crazy. (I’m really not sure which at this point.)

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