4 Ways to Use Twitter to Get Traffic to Your Blog

use twitter for traffic

By Mark Elmo Ellis – Get more out of my site HERE

Every person that has started a blog has probably asked this question: How do I use social media to promote my blog?

Sure, you can start writing 3000+ word blog posts and hope that one of them will bring a mother lode of traffic. Trust me, that method has been tested and it doesn’t work very well, even when your posts are awesome.

Until you get known by a target audience online, chances are you won’t get very many readers.

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3 Ways to Find Social Media Influencers to Gain Blog Traffic

social media influencersBy Mark Elmo Ellis – Get more out of my site HERE

You’ve been writing great long form blog posts with loads of in-depth graphics and charts. You have also taken the time to carefully select your keywords and optimized your post for SEO.

However, your traffic sucks and you feel like you’ve been gaining no traction.

Worse than that, you are not making any money with your blogging at all.

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