88 Headline Swipes That Copywriter’s Use to Get Their Copy Read

88 headline swipes


Ok, what’s the secret to writing headlines that will make people want to read your blog posts or advertising copy?

Great copywriters and bloggers seem to be able to do it effortlessly, generating loads of revenue for their businesses.

Do these writers have some magic formula that they use to draw eyes to their copy, or are they just lucky?


Don’t worry, because I’m going to show you exactly how to do it.

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How to Steal Ideas to Write Powerful Headlines [For Copywriters and Bloggers]

Swipe Headlines Everyone will Read


How do they do it?

How do successful entrepreneurs get so many people to read their sales pages and blog posts?

It’s almost like they’ve discovered some secret to making money that no one else knows about.


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How Not Knowing Copywriting Research Makes You a Rookie

copywriting research

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You’re looking at a blank piece of paper and you have no clue where to start.

You have a client that has to have copy written on his latest coffee maker and needs the work completed in less than three weeks. He wants copy written for the box the coffee maker comes in, and for online ads.

All of a sudden, you feel like you’re in a pressure cooker. You don’t know much about coffee makers, much less the people that drink coffee because personally, you can’t stand the taste of it.

Yep, you’re in a tight spot alright.


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Copywriting Training by the Numbers

copywriting training by the numbers

Photo by Joshua Earle

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Are you a discouraged copywriter?

Do you have the desire to learn the art, but have no idea how you should practice? By learning the important parts of a sales letter and then practicing the skills relentlessly, you can learn how to write decent copy in about a year.

In this lesson, I’m going to give you a blueprint that will take you step by step through the process of writing a standard sales letter.

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Create All the Best Images for Your Blog in Minutes

create the best images in minutes

Create All The Best Images for Your Blog in Minutes – Special Report by Mark Elmo Ellis – Get more out of my site HERE.

Your blog is boring, lifeless, and devoid of anything fun or engaging.  Even your mother is ignoring your blog.

The reason for this is quite simple; your posts have nothing but blocks of text on them.

If you can create all the best images for your posts – making them engaging, relevant, and professional you will definitely have a captive audience.  Studies have shown that blog posts that have pictures on them get almost 95% more views than posts that do not.

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How to Become a Copywriter Supreme Using These 7 Research Tools

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The ability to write copy by using great structure, overcoming objections and compelling words can make you a great copywriter.  However, the measure of your success will not be measured by how much your client likes the way you wrote your copy or if your client looks at your work and says “well done”.

Your success will entirely depend on one thing…how much money your copy brings in at the end of the day.

There are a couple things that you can do that will reel prospects in far better than an average writer can do that just cranks out mediocre copy.

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4 Steps to Learning Sales Copywriting Online for Free

copywriting steps

Leaping up the steps to copywriting success!

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There’s a great story about Pablo Picasso.  He was in a restaurant once and an elated fan came up to his table and asked him if she could have his autograph.

“Could you also draw a little picture on it, just so my friends will know it’s really you?” she added.

Picasso didn’t even flinch. “Of course.”

He then knocked out a quick study on the napkin with a pen that the woman provided.

“There you are Madam.” Picasso smiled.

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The Extreme Field Guide to Guest Blogging


One of the best ways you can quickly get targeted traffic and people of influence linking to your site is by guest posting.

Even though you’re guest posting on someone else’s blog you’ll still need to make sure that you put just as much care into your guest posts as you do into your own blogs posts.

The reason for this is simple: you are building your reputation ―not only with the audience but also with the blog owner. Continue reading