How a Crazy Copywriter Made Me Eat My Shorts!

Ben settle

Just a typical example of Ben Settle’s homespun wisdom

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I know that’s a pretty wild title, but you should see the stuff Ben Settle sends me.

I have to admit, even though his emails are edgy, quirky and sometimes annoying, I do enjoy reading his messages more than anyone else’s.

For one thing, not only does he dish out all sorts of great copywriting wisdom, but he’s kinda funny…or crazy. (I’m really not sure which at this point.)

Calls himself elBenbo.  No kidding.

Everyday, (and I do mean everyday) I open my email and I’m treated to the most interesting  subject lines imaginable.  Some of the subject lines on his email messages read like a country western greatest hits list:

Now, for a limited time Lame Dawg Records is proud to announce elBenbo’s Greatest Hits!









For just $9.99 you’ll get these amazing classics that you’ll never forget!

Songs like (these are his actual subject lines, by the way):

Don’t Whiz On The Electric Fence

Feeeeeel the Benhoven!

Paid the Cost to Be the Boss…

The Serpent of Settle Street

And so she walked out of my life forever

Dear Rockstar: If you have to say it, you ain’t it

Unless you’re a stripper sexy doesn’t pay the bills!

Dropping value bombs in your shorts

The $100k brain fart wafts through the air

All of these and many, many more!

But I have to hand it to him, these email messages are a real education.

When you consider just how brutal it can be to break through the clutter and noise of email that you get every day, the man is amazing.  I get loads of email and of all the transmissions I get everyday, elBennie’s are the one’s that really stick out.

And that’s a compliment – Big Time – because I get email from some of the best copywriters on the planet, from Carlton to Kennedy.

Not only are the subject lines eye blazing, but his content is always engaging and relevant.  If I didn’t know any better I’d say he probably went to the Halbert school of writing stories that sell, because there is always some adventure and intrigue in the way he writes.

As a matter of fact, he can tell you a story and seamlessly get you to sign up for an offer that he’s promoting, and if you blinked you probably wouldn’t even notice it.

But that’s one of the things that makes a copywriter really good to be able to compel you to do something so naturally you barely know that you’re doing it.

I’m not saying Mr. Settle is selling every time he sends you an email.  Many of them are great stories, anecdotes and wisdom from one of the best copywriters on the planet. Quite honestly, if you do any email marketing at all you could gain a ton of knowledge and from (Ahem..) elBenbo.

Here’s how you can subscribe to Ben Settle’s email list.

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