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Have you got a talent that’s just sitting on the couch gathering dust?

Are you a freelancer that’s dying to get started as quick as possible and get a few victories under your belt?

Look no farther than Fiverr.

Fiverr gives you the opportunity to create and sell digital products and services online.  You can start advertising your product or service at $5.00.  Sellers can increase their prices in increments of $5, which is how the company gets its name.

Because the products are all digital, freelancers can sell them all over the world and make money.  Fiverr has almost 2 million different types of gigs you can offer.

The Downside of Fiverr

With every positive side of business or venture, there’s almost always a down side.  If you’ve got a product or service and it is easy to duplicate, a million people will be competing with you in no time.

If you ever watch ABC’s Shark Tank, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Kevin O’Leary on the Tank almost always cracks me up with that vile and evil grin of his.

“What would stop me going out and making one of your products right now and competing with you?” he asks.

No wonder they call him Mr. Wonderful.

Unfortunately, he’s right. If your product is easy to duplicate, your business is dead in the water, where there are all kinds of sharks.

So you’ve got to have a way to sell your product or service that is better than your competition.

How to Stay Ahead of Your Competition on Fiverr

One way of staying ahead of your competition is to have a better offer and better copy than your competitors. Fiverr gives you space to create an ad to sell your wares.

Within that space is a place where you can describe your product or services.  Most entrepreneurs have no idea what to write in that space.

If you want to try selling your talents of Fiverr, I’ve made an easy way of helping you set up your first gig. I made a template that will take you through simple steps of selling your products and services.

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Once you follow these instructions, you will be able to set up your Fiverr gig much faster.

Here’s the instructions:

Step 1:  Write down every benefit you can think of starting with your biggest benefits first.  Of all the benefits you can think of that your service offers, write down your main one.

Notice: A benefit is something you will do for your customer. (Generate traffic for them; help build an email list, etc.)  A feature is a surface statement of a product or service. (Like the color of a car, or how many consultations you’ll give someone.)

Step 2:   Create a Headline that Catches Your Prospect’s Attention

Headline: 35 to 40 Characters in length.

Fiverr will only allow you to write about 35 to 40 characters in the headline.  You will need to state exactly what it is you’re offering, using as few words as possible.

Since you can’t use a lot of characters in your title, you will need to think outside the box to get the job done.  Don’t worry, I’ll show you how to do this.

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Step 3: Write the Subhead

Description Section: 1200 Characters

You can only write 1200 characters in the description section, so you’ll need to keep it simple.

Since you can only use about 40 characters in the title of your gig, you will need to use a subhead. A subhead is like a secondary headline; in other words, it is an extra headline that tells more.

You will need to present your main benefit in the subhead and another big benefit there as well. Put your subhead in bold print and treat it as if it were a headline.

One cool trick is to present a main benefit and add a dash of mystery or interest to it.  This will make your reader curious enough to want to read the rest of what you have to say.

Here’s an example: this is for a gig writing blog posts for busy bloggers and entrepreneurs:

Find out How You Can Get Eyeballs Glued to Your Blog Posts —

Without Writing a Single Word!”

This subhead presents a main benefit―”keeping reader’s eyeballs glued to your blog posts”. It also adds mystery because it says, “without writing a single word!”.

Step 4: Write the Body Copy

The next section is called the body copy.  An easy way to start your body copy is to write about what problems your prospect is experiencing.

In the case of this blog post gig, I decided to write about the frustrations and hassles of writing blog posts.

I made a list of all the different hassles writers face while writing blog posts. I numbered these problems from the most annoying to the least.

Once I had that completed, my task of writing my description was much easier. Not only that, but the prospect will relate to your writing and perspective better.

Step 5: Write About the Solution…You!

The next section of your brief 1200 word description should be how you can solve the problem.

I like to write a little bit about how my services can help out the prospect while keeping it simple and short.  You don’t want to write too much about yourself because the copy should be more about THE PROSPECT.

Things your prospects won’t care about:

  • How long you’ve been doing this stuff
  • How much education you have
  • How great you say you are (Testimonials are what you should be relying on for proof)

Stuff your prospects will care about:

  • How you’ll keep them informed on the progress of their project
  • How you’ll do whatever it takes to make them happy
  • How you’ll guarantee the work on their project

Step 5: Bullet Statements

The next thing I like to do is to write about what the client will get if they decide to hire me.  Since you don’t have enough room to write many full sentences, you can use bullet statements.

These statements are a series of brief ideas to help get your point across. They need to be short, concise and generate interest if they can.

Here’s some of the bullet statements I came up with for the blog post gig:

  • Keyword targeted posts that will draw readers to your blog
  • Researched subjects that will unveil content to keep your readers engaged
  • Daily updates of the progress of your post so you won’t feel like you’re outside the loop
  • Guaranteed satisfaction of your post

As you can see, I have included how the client will benefit in each statement. (This is important to do.)

Step 6: Finish the Description Section of Your Fiverr Gig.

I like to guarantee my work somewhere near the end of the description.  If  a client isn’t like the work I’ve done for them, I give them their money back.

I have yet to have it happen. So don’t worry too much about people taking advantage of your guarantee.

Step 7: Write a Specific Call to Action

I like to tell people exactly what to do on Fiverr.  I got this idea from the famous ad copywriter Gary Halbert.  He would explain in his ad exactly what you need to do when ordering.

I tell my prospects to, “Click the green Fiverr button to hire me.” You don’t want to leave anything to chance.

Step 8: Go Back to Check and Edit Your Description

Make sure that you go back and check your writing.  You want to come off as pro as you can, so make sure you check and edit your description.

One thing I like to do when I need to check my copy is to print it up and go through it line by line with a ruler.  That way I’m less able to leave a mistake in my copy.

Once you get the rest of your details on your gig listing on Fiverr, make sure that you keep an eye on your email.  Sooner or later, you’ll be getting an email from an interested party.

Make sure you respond to all questions on your Fiverr offers and that you’re as helpful as possible.

Step 9: Go Forth and Make Money

Now, go out there and give it your best shot.   If you don’t have a talent that you can market on Fiverr then read this blog post on Fiverr Gigs to get some ideas.

Let me know below if you have any questions, comments, or disagreements.

Oh yeah, in case you forgot to get your free Fiverr Description Template you can do so HERE.

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